New 2020 Volvo S60
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New 2020 Volvo S60 - Volvo S60 Highlights

Intuitive Technology

Forward-thinking innovations like a large 9 inch Sensus Touchscreen and a premium audio system keep you connected and entertained.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Intuitive Technology

Sustainable Power

Enjoy a powerful drive with efficient engines and the S60 T8 Twin Engine Plug-In Hybrid, which offers 400hp and zero-emissions capability.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Sustainable Power
New 2020 Volvo S60 Ownership Reinvented

Ownership Reinvented

For one flat monthly rate, you can subscribe to the S60 instead of leasing or buying. We take care of insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance.

Safety Innovations

Our world-leading safety features protect you and your passengers - and are the result of decades of innovation.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Safety Innovations

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Exterior Design

Distinctive Details

The prominent front grille wears the Volvo emblem proudly, while the long hood and deep front bumper exude power. Full LED headlights with our signature Thor's Hammer design creates a confident look, day or night.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Distinctive Details

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Control

Responsive Steering

Precise steering, handling and ride comfort all work together to create a connected feeling to the road in all driving situations. Plus, the innovative rear suspension helps keep weight to a minimum for maximum agility.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Responsive Steering

Drive Modes

The S60 offers a choice of Drive Modes, so you can tailor your driving experience to your mood. There are three default settings for the engine, automatic gearbox, steering, brakes and stability control system that put the focus on driving, comfort or fuel economy and emissions. You can also create your own combination with Individual mode. In plug-in hybrid models, an AWD mode is also available.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Drive Modes

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Accessories

Accessories Designed For You

Give the S60 your own look - choose from a range of styling and practical accessories that help you live your active life to the fullest. Add an exterior styling kit that includes front and rear splitters, a rear diffuser and integrated split tail pipes that make a powerful impression. Optional alloy wheels enhance the car's unique character.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Accessories Designed For You

New 2020 Volvo S60 - The Drive

360˚ SurroundView Camera

Make parking easier with a bird's-eye view of your car and its immediate surroundings on your large touchscreen display. The 360˚ SurroundView Camera allows you to see objects or vehicles that may be hard to spot using only the windows and mirrors - and is especially useful when fitting into tight spaces.

New 2020 Volvo S60 360˚ SurroundView Camera

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Interior Design

Modern Craftsmanship

Welcome to an uncluttered space that puts the focus on you. The S60's large 9 inch Sensus Touchscreen is your intuitive command center. Unique air vents have slender, metal-finished controls with diamond-pattern finishes. The same finish is used for the ignition and driving mode controller. The R-Design trim highlights the sporty nature of the car, with Metal Mesh Aluminum décor panels and contrast stitching for the seats, tunnel console, doors and gearshift. The Inscription trim includes décor panels in Driftwood, a unique wood treatment.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Modern Craftsmanship

Uncompromising Comfort

The sculpted, supportive seats are perfectly contoured for long-distance comfort. And the feeling of sitting low to the ground puts you at one with the road. Power height adjustment comes standard. Contour seats - which are standard or optional depending on trim - provide even greater side support, as well as multi-directional lumbar support and an adjustable cushion extension.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Uncompromising Comfort

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Audio

Bowers & Wilkins

Our top-level sound system is powered by 1100 watts from 15 speakers. Three different room modes - Studio, Individual Stage and Gothenburg Concert Hall - allow you to tailor the sound to your music or mood. Plus, the system features a unique air-ventilated subwoofer that is built into the body of the car to create precise, powerful bass tones

New 2020 Volvo S60 Bowers & Wilkins

Harman Kardon

This high-quality audio system delivers 600 watts to 14 speakers through a 12-channel amplifier, for clear and powerful sound. Developed with renowned audio brand Harman Kardon, the system precisely optimizes the response of each speaker to ensure a powerful audio experience for everyone in the car. Automatic Level Adjustment creates a consistent level of volume and intensity, while special algorithms adjust the output to compensate for external noise.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Harman Kardon

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Innovation

Smartphone Integration

With Apple CarPlayTM and Android AutoTM, all the functions you love about your smartphone are seamlessly integrated onto your car's intuitive 9 inch Sensus Touchscreen to help you stay well connected. Make calls, send & receive messages, enjoy music, listen to podcasts and navigate easily using the touchscreen, steering wheel controls or voice control. Sensus Connect gives you access to a range of additional apps to enjoy Internet radio and audiobooks, too.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Smartphone Integration

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Safety

Run-Off Road Mitigation

This standard safety feature helps to make accidents where a vehicle leaves the road less likely to happen. It detects if the car is about to leave the road unintentionally between 40 and 86 mph, and can use steering and braking to guide the car back onto the right path. If the car does leave the road, Run-Off Road Protection reduces the chances of serious injury. The structure of the front seat frame absorbs the impact of a hard landing, while prepared safety belts automatically tighten to hold front seat occupants in place.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Run-Off Road Mitigation

Volvo Safety Cage

The passenger compartment is reinforced with a high percentage of one of the strongest steel types available -¬ ultra high-strength boron steel - to create a protective cage around everyone in the car. In addition, crumple zones in the front and rear dissipate as much energy as possible in the event of a collision.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Volvo Safety Cage

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Technology

9 Inch Sensus Touchscreen

The large, intuitive touchscreen with simple-to-use controls is designed to keep you connected and in control - at all times. Bold, clear graphics make it easy to absorb information at a glance. The portrait format in the center display make reading maps, viewing menus and following navigation prompts effortless - and reduces scrolling. And with your favorite apps and entertainment front and center, your music, your podcasts, your navigation is all there - by touch or voice control. It also has a special non-reflective coating, and is so responsive, you can use it while wearing gloves.

New 2020 Volvo S60 9 Inch Sensus Touchscreen

Graphical Head-Up Display

Projecting crisp graphics and text onto the lower part of the windshield, the head-up display function makes your journeys easy and intuitive. It shows you warnings and vital information relating to speed limits, cruise control functions, navigation directions and road signs - even incoming phone calls. That means your eyes never leave the road while you're monitoring speed or receiving safety warnings. Plus, the brightness of the head-up display adapts automatically to varying light conditions.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Graphical Head-Up Display

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Power

S60 T8 Twin Engine

Designed from the outset for electrification, this new generation Plug-In Hybrid model provides a more sustainable form of power and a truly engaging driving experience. The S60 T8 Twin Engine with 400hp offers effortless performance with unmatched efficiency. It also features a selection of Drive Modes for every road. Pure mode provides the most efficient and clean drive. Power mode ensures outstanding performance. And Default Hybrid mode lets you choose between electric and gas, or combines them, to keep you moving as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

New 2020 Volvo S60 T8 Twin Engine

Drive-E Powertrains

Central to our vision of sustainability, our Drive-E powertrains are more enjoyable to drive and better for the world around us. The S60's innovative engines balance strong performance with low emissions and fuel consumption. Dynamic in all driving situations, our engines feature turbocharging technology and advanced transmissions for responsive power. The T6 engine also has a supercharger, for even more exhilarating performance. Plus, multiple Drive Modes offer precise control over the car's powertrain.

New 2020 Volvo S60 Drive-E Powertrains

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Gallery

New 2020 Volvo S60 Side
New 2020 Volvo S60 Upfront
New 2020 Volvo S60 Technology
New 2020 Volvo S60 Side
New 2020 Volvo S60 Front
New 2020 Volvo S60 Upfront

New 2020 Volvo S60 - Available Model Trims

2020 Volvo S60 Momentum

2020 Volvo S60 Momentum

2020 Volvo S60 Inscription

2020 Volvo S60 Inscription

2020 Volvo S60 R-Design

2020 Volvo S60 R-Design

2020 Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered

2020 Volvo S60 T8 Polestar Engineered

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