A-Plan by Volvo

What is A-Plan by Volvo?

A-Plan by Volvo is a program available to select customers who are employed by an A-Plan partner company. Members can receive access to negotiation-free, employee pricing on the purchase of a new Volvo. The program also provides members with access to exclusive bonuses as well as other Volvo offers that are available at time of purchase.




What is A-Plan Pricing?

As a member of A-Plan by Volvo, you will have access to pre-negotiated pricing. This means that you will pay the same price for your new vehicle as Volvo employees. In addition, you will be eligible for offers and incentives that are available during the purchase of your new vehicle. Members can also sponsor their spouse or members of their immediate households to receive A-Plan pricing.

Who can become an A-Plan member?

If you are a current employee at a partner organization, you may register for A-Plan membership using a Partner Code. 

What is a Partner Code?

Every partner organization receives a Partner Code that their employees can use to register. Contact you company's Human Resources Administrator for this code. If you would like assistance, or are not sure if your organization is a member, please contact us

How do I register for A-Plan by Volvo?

Once you have obtained a Partner Code, go to aplanbyvolvo.com and click "Register an Account". You will need to first enter your company's Partner Code and then establish a User ID and Password. Once registered you can click on the Generate a PIN link and follow the instructions.

What is a PIN?

A PIN is a personal identification number that allows you to lease or purchase a new Volvo vehicle through the program. A-Plan members can generate up to two personal identification numbers or PINs per year. Each vehicle purchased under the A-Plan by Volvo program requires a unique PIN. Once you create a PIN, you will have the option to download a certificate. You will need to download the PIN certificate to provide to the dealership along with other documentation.

What documentation do I need to provide to the dealership?

Along with your A-Plan PIN certificate, you will need to provide proof of eligibility documentation to your sales associate. Proof of eligibility documentation can be an employee ID badge, a business card, a copy of prior year's W2, or a copy of a pay-stub from your employer. 

How do I sponsor a spouse or household member, and what documentation do they need to provide to the dealership?

To sponsor a spouse or a household member, you must generate unique a PIN and download a PIN certificate. Your spouse or household member will need to provide a sales associate with a PIN certificate and proof of eligibility from your employer to claim A-Plan pricing.

How is A-Plan Pricing determined?

A-Plan pricing is calculated using the A-Plan by Volvo pricing formula. Please note that savings off MSRP varies by model and trim level. To review A-Plan pricing, please visit aplanbyvolvo.com. If you have a specific vehicle in mind, you may request a copy of the vehicle invoice with A-Plan pricing from your sales associate.

Which vehicles are eligible for A-Plan Pricing?

All Volvo vehicles are generally eligible, with the exception of a select few new models. Some new models or models in limited supply may not be program eligible. Polestar models are excluded from the program. Additionally, Vehicles may be ordered from production or may be selected from the inventory of the retail facility. Volvo Overseas Delivery is also eligible for this program.

Please note that vehicle eligibility is determined at the time of purchase or lease. Volvo reserves the right to make vehicles ineligible at their discretion. To determine if a particular model is eligible, please contact a sales associate or visit the aplanbyvolvo.com to review current vehicle eligibility. 

Can I purchase a used car through A-Plan?

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles may be eligible for this program. Retired Service Loaners and Retailer Demonstrators are not eligible for this program. Please ask an associate for details.

If I claim A-Plan Pricing, am I still eligible for incentives?

Yes. A-Plan by Volvo participants are eligible for retail incentives in effect at the time of the purchase or lease. There are some offers that are not compatible with the A-Plan by Volvo program. Ask a sales associate to determine which incentives you are eligible for.

Please note: There is no effective expiration date for this program, however, Volvo Car USA reserves the right to modify the program, remove eligibility, or cancel the program at any time.

    The A-Plan Process:

    1. Obtain a Partner Code
    Check with your Human Resources Administrator to see if company is an A-Plan by Volvo Partner. If your company is a partner, ask for the A-Plan by Volvo partner code.

    2. Register for Membership and Generate a PIN
    You will need to register online with your company's partner code to generate a PIN number. Once you generate a PIN, make sure to download the PIN certificate for to show to the dealership.

    3. Verify Membership with Our Dealership
    You can contact our sales department to verify that you qualify for the A-Plan. Please let them know that you have an A-Plan PIN. Your sales associate will then ask for your PIN certificate and proof of eligibility documentation, such as an ID badge, business card, W2, or pay-stub. If you are sponsored by an a plan member, you will need to provide proof of eligibility from their employer.

    4. Review A-Plan Pricing
    To determine if a vehicle is eligible, ask you sales associate or review the vehicles section on aplanbyvolvo.comWhen you are ready to look at pricing for a specific vehicle, you may request a copy of the vehicle invoice with A-Plan pricing from your sales associate. 

    5. Sign A-Plan Agreement and Drive Home in A New Volvo
    Once you have provided all the proper documentation, reviewed A-Plan pricing and are ready to purchase a vehicle, you will be asked to sign the A-Plan by Volvo pricing agreement. You will receive a copy of the agreement along with your new set of keys.

    Can someone help me with this process?

    Of course! If you need assistance with registration, don't know if your company is a member, or would like to learn more about A-Plan by Volvo, please contact us. We will have one of our associates reach out to you.

    We invite you to stop by our showroom anytime, whether you are interested in learning more about Volvo A-Plan by Volvo, or want to check out our latest models. Principle Volvo of San Antonio is conveniently located off of N.E. Loop 410 in San Antonio, Texas.