Leasing may be right for you if...

  • You like to drive new luxury cars
  • You want the flexibility to upgrade your vehicle to the newest model
  • You enjoy keeping up with the latest technology
  • You do not want the responsibility of long-term vehicle maintenance
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    What You Should Know About Leasing a Volvo

    Ownership: A lease is a flexible alternative to ownership. By leasing, you are easily able to transition into a new model with the latest features and do not have to worry about regular equity. Ask a finance expert to learn more about your options.

    Coverage: Leasing can include all maintenance, warranty, wear and tear coverage throughout the term. Speak with our finance department to find out what options work best for you.

    Mileage: There are a variety of mileage options to fit your needs as a driver. You can also purchase additional mileage if you believe that you will exceed the limit established for your lease. Contact us if you need assistance with purchasing additional mileage.

    What to Expect When Your Lease Ends

    When your lease period is over, you have the option to 
    1. Return the vehicle to Principle Volvo of San Antonio 
    2. Lease a new Volvo 
    3. Buy your current leased vehicle

    When you turn in your lease, you will be responsible for any payments that remain, excess wear and tear, excess mileage, any other additional fees specified in your lease agreement, disposition fee, etc. 

    If you would like to lease a Volvo or are looking for more information about the leasing process, our Finance Department is here to assist you. 

    Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to lease a vehicle from Principle Volvo of San Antonio.