Volvo Tire Replacement And Warranty In San Antonio, TX

You could be driving down the road when you suddenly hear a loud noise or feel the car slow down or abruptly veer. This might mean that one of your tires has blown out suddenly. While resilient, a Volvo tire can only take so much wear before it becomes vulnerable to an incident. The following sections explore how to take care of your tires and what warning signs to look out for.

What Volvo Tire Maintenance Do You Need?

Volvo Tire Replacement

Your tire treads get eroded by your daily commute near Alamo Heights. Often, this wear can happen unevenly. For example, front tires usually wear faster than rear ones in FWD vehicles, or a journey that involves a lot of left turns can affect tires on that side more. Check your tread ribs regularly to see if they have become too shallow. This can result in a loss of traction, which increases your risk of accidents. By the time they get down to 2/32", you will need Volvo tire replacement.

In most cases, we recommend replacing all tires at once since an uneven distribution can cause your tires to turn at different rates, affecting handling and raising the chances of a blowout. This is especially important with Volvo AWD tire replacement. It’s possible to prolong their life span by getting tire rotations to distribute the wear evenly.

Volvo Tire Alignment

You might also require a Volvo tire alignment if you notice uneven or rapid tire wear. If you experience noisy steering or if you have to consistently turn the steering wheel sideways to drive straight, these are also signs to come into our service department. Take advantage of our Volvo service coupons to make this process more convenient.

What Should Be Your Volvo Tire Change Schedule?

Check your owner's manual for a rough estimate of how often you will need tire services, keeping in mind that driving conditions and use can affect these greatly. For example, it might say to get new tires every six or so years, but if you take a lot of road trips, you will probably need to do it sooner.

Our service technicians will also combine tire inspections with other maintenance services. You should get an oil change every six months or so, during which time they can examine your tires for damage. Volvo batteries need to be replaced every four to six years, corresponding with when you need new tires.

Understanding Your Volvo Tire Warranty

When you buy a Volvo vehicle in San Antonio, TX, you have the option of adding Tire and Wheel coverage, which covers tire repairs or replacements due to road hazards.

Talk to one of our team members to learn more about available warranty options. We want to ensure you enjoy as many miles as possible with your new ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tires covered under the Volvo Cars warranty?

In addition to the New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance coverage that comes with your new purchase, Volvo vehicle owners can opt for other protections, such as Tire and Wheel coverage. This will help reimburse you for sudden flat tires on the road and other necessary services. To learn more about your Volvo tire warranty options, talk to one of the members of our sales team.

What brand of tires do Volvo cars use?

You should only use high-quality tires on Volvo cars. This includes brands like Continental®, Hankook®, Michelin®, and Pirelli®. Refer to your owner's manual to learn about your car's specific needs, or one of our service team members.

Do Volvo cars need special tires?

Different vehicles require different tires. Other factors, like what conditions you will be driving in, also play a role in what is most appropriate. When you come in for an appointment, tell our team about your driving habits. Their intimate knowledge of all Volvo cars will allow them to set you up with new tires that will serve you optimally.

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