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As the heralding SUV of a new era, the Volvo EX90 colors paint the picture of a premium model that's styled like nothing else. With luxuries and far-future technology defining every inch, the Volvo EX90 is here to please. It'll be at our Volvo dealership sometime around early 2024, but we can immediately take your pre-order.

Get ready for the future of electric SUVs. The Volvo EX90 colors available will range from bold declarations to subtle statements. Learn more about the options that should be able for you to configure in Fall 2023 below.

Volvo EX90 Exterior Colors: Premium Paint To Explore

Before we take a closer look at the Volvo EX90 colors, let's see what they'll be applied to.

The Volvo EX90 shares a similar side profile to the Volvo XC90. The similarities fade from there. The Volvo EX90 has a front end sculpted like a fine piece of marble, swooping from curvy panels to sharp, crisp style lines that create a chiseled look. The Volvo EX90 stands out on all roads with its paneled Thor's Hammer headlights.

Reserve your Volvo EX90, and a sporty rear end will be all other drivers see as you unleash the all-electric output of up to 496 horsepower.1 As you pass them, the following Volvo EX90 colors will impress:

Volvo EX90

Onyx Black

An Onyx Black Volvo EX90 is one part stealthy, two parts spectacular, and an entirely dazzling take on the classic black paint you've come to expect. The chiseled style lines appear and disappear as you drive through shady roads and sunny sections. With rich metallic hues, Onyx Black starts the list of Volvo EX90 colors off with a bang.

Platinum Grey

As precious as its namesake metal, a Platinum Grey Volvo EX90 defines modern style. The dark-grey paint is as dynamic as the Volvo EX90 SUV's performance, shifting from medium hues to a near-black tone as the light changes. It'll make the inset body accents pop out; it must be seen to be fully appreciated.

Vapour Grey

Playfulness goes a long way. A Vapour Grey Volvo EX90 is classical with a twist. It looks steadfast and subtle at first glance, but as you walk around it, warmer, lighter tones appear and disappear in an instant. The ever-changing hues play up and down the futuristic style lines, making this a truly unique example of the Volvo EX90 colors.

Silver Dawn

A Silver Dawn Volvo EX90 is like the Vapour Grey option but with a lighter, even-warmer dash of playful light-changing hues. As the name suggests, it's inspired by the sky-bound colors of an early morning on the road. Classic silver paint leads the charge, accented by a shimmer of yellow and blue.

Crystal White

As calm, cool, and collected as you'll be with all the new safety features found in this SUV, a Crystal White Volvo EX90 is for those who know that subtle and spectacular can live in harmony. It's the whitest hue among the Volvo EX90 colors, but with this premium paint option, pearlescent accents make it a visual delight at every hour of the day.

Sand Dune

A Sand Dune Volvo EX90 takes on a hue that reflects the light like your favorite beach. It's a modern take on the classic yellows from the brand's history, beautifully symbolizing how the Volvo EX90 represents everything that makes Volvo Cars a beloved automaker. With deep shadows and gleaming highlights, it'll turn heads with ease.

Denim Blue

With the exceptional and exclusive modern blue paint that drivers love, a Denim Blue Volvo EX90 is a superbly stylish SUV that defines visual appeal. It has a rich hue that shines in the sun and fades to a near-black tone in the shade. Like the denim dyes you wear, this final member of the Volvo EX90 colors can suit any occasion.

Volvo EX90 Interior Colors: Expected Options

For now, the officially showcased Volvo EX90 colors only apply to the exterior. We'll update this page once we know all the interior options. For now, we expect similar ones to the Volvo XC90, including Charcoal, Blond, Maroon, Amber, and Slate. We'll know for sure around Fall 2023.

Volvo EX90 Colors and Trims: Expected Configurations

Like the Volvo EX90 colors on the inside, the Volvo EX90 trim levels will be announced sometime before Fall 2023. However, like when you shop new Volvo inventory for a Volvo XC90, we expect the Volvo EX90 to arrive in the Core, Plus, and Ultimate trim levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What colors is the Volvo EX90 available in?

The currently confirmed Volvo EX90 colors are the exterior color options. As of our writing, the Volvo EX90 will be available in Onyx Black, Platinum Grey, Vapour Grey, Silver Dawn, Crystal White, Sand Dune, and Denim Blue. Take a look, and reserve yours to get a headstart on the configurable benefits of this futuristic SUV.

What are the Volvo EX90 exterior color options?

The current Volvo XC90 exterior colors include bold Onyx Black, dynamic Platinum Grey, lighter Vapour Grey, warm and hopeful Silver Dawn, pearlescent Crystal White, rugged Sand Dune, and comforting Denim Blue. More may be announced before Fall 2023, so check out each option and stay tuned for more information. We'll happily show you pictures of these dynamic colors so you can get a better sense of how they'll look.

What are the Volvo EX90 interior color options?

The Volvo EX90 interior colors have not yet been confirmed, but we expect similar options to the Volvo XC90. Those interior colors include spectacularly stylish colors like Maroon, Amber, Slate, Blond, and Charcoal. We'll know all the Volvo EX90 colors and trims around Fall 2023, so reserve your Volvo EX90 to mark your spot in line and get behind the wheel as soon as possible.

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1The figures are preliminary and derive from estimates and calculations performed by Volvo Cars for Volvo EX90 and these outcomes are not guaranteed. The driving range, horsepower, and energy consumption under real conditions vary depending on driving behavior and other external factors. Charging times can vary and are dependent on factors such as outdoor temperature, battery temperature, charging equipment, battery condition and car condition. Pricing is indicative and subject to change.

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