Your Volvo vehicle is safe, luxurious, and reliable, but to keep up its impressive performance, it needs care - which is where our Volvo service specials come in. They allow you to save money on essential maintenance tasks. This way, your car handles better, uses fuel more efficiently, and has a greater chance at a longer life span. Discover more about these offers below.

Price Match Guarantee on tires
Complimentary Car Wash with Service
Rotate, Balance, and Alignment combo 15% Off
Saturday Scheduled Service 10% Off

What Kinds of Volvo Service Offers Are Available?

Our selection of service specials can rotate out. However, we tend to focus on regularly repeated services that will help the overall health of your car and hopefully prevent the need for larger repairs. For example, tire rotation helps your tires' tread to wear more evenly so that you maintain good traction on the road, your car drives straight when you tell it to, and you have a decreased risk of blowouts. By having Volvo maintenance offers on this, we hope to encourage you to come in according to the recommended service interval in your owner's manual or as soon as you notice a problem.

Similarly, we may have a Volvo oil change offer running to incentivize you to get new oil and a new oil filter. This swap is, perhaps, the most important thing you can do for your vehicle, as it prevents the engine from overheating and keeps its moving parts lubricated. In this way, we strive to keep our customers safe and to extend the overall longevity of Volvo vehicles.

In some cases, we might also offer a Volvo service discount on a particular day of the week to help balance out our own schedules so that we can give each customer the attention they deserve.

Why We Should Be Your Go-To

While you might be able to get automotive assistance from any service shop on the corner, our certified department has access to OEM Volvo parts to ensure they work perfectly with your vehicle. Our trained technicians also know all about Volvo cars, and their expert knowledge is especially essential since the Volvo lineup adopted mild hybrid technology across the board. Furthermore, new and CPO Volvo vehicles often come with factory-scheduled maintenance offers that we can easily apply to your visit when other now-certified locations can't.

Come to Us When Your Car Needs Service

Is one of your dashboard warning lights turning on? Is your car making strange noises or producing odd smells? Has it been 7,500 miles or six months since your last oil change? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," schedule a visit to our service department in San Antonio, TX. Our team works efficiently, with respect for your time and your vehicle. This means that we can get you out as soon as possible while being as thorough as we can.

For example, our team will likely inspect your car during a Volvo oil change to make sure that other parts subject to regular wear are in good condition. That way, if you need new brake pads or tires, too, we can get that done easily instead of making you come back for another appointment. Contact us today if you have any questions or to arrange maintenance.

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